Eight Things You Did Not Know About Sergio Aguero

Eight Things You Did Not Know About Sergio Aguero

Eight Things You Did Not Know About Sergio Aguero? Sergio Aguero facts? Sergio Aguero is definitely one of the best footballers in the world right now, and is Manchester City’s star striker. He also plays for the Argentina national team, and definitely is the product of a country which has produced legends like Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. He was with Atletico Madrid since 2007, after which he moved to Manchester City. But do you know everything there is know about this Man City star striker? Here are eight things you definitely didn’t know about Sergio Aguero!

Eight Things You Did Not Know About Sergio Aguero: Sergio Aguero Facts

1. He was married to Diego Maradona’s daughter

What happens when a footballing legend’s daughter and a current football legend have a son? He is destined to be great (sorry, kid!). Sergio Aguero was married to Giannina Maradona from 2008 to 2012, during which they had a son together. In fact, Diego Maradona himself introduced the pair to one another. They dated for six months, after which they got engaged in 2007 and their son was born two years later. However, the couple split up when Aguero joined Manchester City – which Giannina didn’t like that he was so far away. Eventually, the couple broke it off and got divorced. But as for their son, who knows, maybe he will grow up to be a footballing legend as well!

2. Sergio Aguero family background wasn’t wealthy

Although now Aguero has a net worth of $80 million, his childhood wasn’t so lavish. He grew up in a not so well to do family. During his birth, his parents were not able to pay the hospital bills, but luckily found another hospital to give birth in. His parents were both teenagers when he was born and they didn’t have much money to go on. His father was a taxi driver, but didn’t earn very well and his mother took care of the family.

3. Aguero was always fascinated by football

Even as a kid, Aguero was always interested in football and played where he grew up – in Buenos Aires. When Aguero was 8 years old, his father took him to Independiente, where he was boarded on to the club Under-11 team. He went on to win the Argentina Under-11 Championship. Guess he has been winning from a very young age!

4. He Became The Youngest Player To Be In The Argentinian Primera Division

He was only 15 when in 2003 he broke into the Argentine First Division. The record was previously held by future father-in-law Diego Maradona, which he beat!

5. Aguero’s tattoos hold special meanings

Sergio Aguero has his son’s name and date of birth tattooed on one arm, which he gives great importance to. Whenever the Man City striker scores a goal for the Cityzens, he kisses the tattoo on his arm! His son is clearly very dear to him.

“My son’s existence gives me strength. He gives me purpose. I think of him every time I score,” he said about his tattoo.

On the other arm is his nickname ‘Kun’ tattooed. An interesting fact here is that although his name is written in Tengwar, which is a script invented by J R R Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings, he has never seen the film! The writing on his arm roughly translates to ‘Kun Aguero’ in English.

6. Aguero once featured in a music video named ‘El Kun Aguero’

This is a pretty well kept secret! Sergio Aguero featured as himself in the music video by 22 year old singer Tini Stoessel in 2019. After the video rolled, rumours sparked up about how the Man City striker and the lead singer of the music video might have an interest in each other – and no wonder why! The music video showed Aguero intimately dancing with the singer. Moreover, now we know that Aguero is as good on the dance floor as he is on the pitch!

7. Sergio Aguero is a Liverpool fan!

Despite being part of a rival club, he has always been a fan of Liverpool football club since his childhood. Liverpool and Manchester City have rivalry dating back for quite some time and it’s rather surprising to know that the top striker for the Cityzens is actually a Reds supporter!

8. Aguero’s father also played football very well

His father was a taxi driver but on the weekends he would play football to make extra money. His father could not pursue football professionally, however, which is probably why his father introduced football to his son.

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