Sergio Aguero's father accused Pep of fake tears

Pep Guardiola accused of faking his emotional tribute to Sergio Aguero.

The Argentine striker has spent 10 years at the Etihad and joined Barcelona as a free agent this week.

He scored twice in his last appearance at the Etihad against Everton extending his lead as the club’s top goalscorer of all time.

Aguero’s father Leonel Del Castillo has questioned whether Pep’s emotions were genuine when paying tribute to the striker.

“I don’t believe his tears. For me, he never wanted Kun. He always wants to be the main man and not the players,” he told A Radio La Red, via TYC Sports.

“I don’t believe [in] Guardiola. He never wanted it [the CL trophy], he wants to be the protagonist of all the teams.”

“He says that he [Aguero] is irreplaceable and he does not have him in the squad.

“There are things about Guardiola, he is a great coach. But from one day to the next the players change you, the environment changes. You never know if you are a starter or not.

“There is someone who says if you are not here to stay at the club and you have no choice but to change. He [Aguero] was [allowed to stay] until the last time [he renewed his contract] but it was not possible [this time] – team where he is an idol.”


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