Sergio Aguero's future looks uncertain claims Guardiola

Sergio Aguero is nearing the final few months of his contract.

City’s all-time record goalscorer is approaching the end of his contract and the club is yet to offer a fresh contract to the 32-year old striker.

Aguero had been nibbling with injuries during the initial part of the campaign and a coronavirus diagnosis at the start of this year delayed his return to the Etihad.

He made only three starts this campaign and his participation in the next few games will decide on his future claims Guardiola.

“For the human being, as a person, as what is, even as a player, of course,” Guardiola said.

“But we have to see what happens at the end of the season. We cannot forget how long he was out. Now we start to get him better. I know he needs minutes to get to his best condition but we are not maybe in the moment that you can give minutes [for the sake of giving] minutes.

“So we are going to speak, I think the club will speak with his agent and know the situation, and we are going to talk at the end of the season, like with Fernandinho, for example, it’s the same situation.”


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