SHOCKER Raheem Sterling Could Rejoin Liverpool

Raheem Sterling is on the verge of leaving Manchester City.

Latest reports claim that the Englishman could even make a shock return to Liverpool.

Pep Guardiola’s patience has definitely been tested this season after a string of poor performances from Sterling this season. The forward was woeful in key matches, including the Champions League final against Chelsea.

Fans previously were expecting to see the 25-year-old handed a new contract with a significant pay bump. Now, they wish to see the back of him. Sports finance journalist Alex Miller revealed that Sterling also recently dumped his agent.

Sterling has never bad mouthed Liverpool after securing his £50m switch to City in 2015. He instead was quoted to have said, “Would I ever go back to Liverpool? To be honest with you I love Liverpool. Don’t get it twisted, they are always in my heart. It’s a team that has done a lot for me growing up so…”

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