Stones reveals his relationship with Manchester City fans

John Stones’s Manchester Citycareer was all but done.

However, in the current season, the English center back has made a comeback of sorts and revealed his gratitude to the fans for not giving up on him all along.

“It’s a love- love relationship from both parties!” Stones declared as he spoke of the affection he gets from the City supporters.

“I can’t thank them enough for their support and their patience as well.

“Their patience from as soon as the manager (Pep Guardiola) came in. They grasped the concept that we were going to play a whole new style of play, a new way of football.

“They grasped it, got right behind us, got right behind me and whenever I see anyone out on the streets or if I’m out and about or at the stadium they are just really good people, loving people.

“They love the club, (support) the players through thick and thin and that’s something special about fans.

“To go through hard moments and (know they are) still behind you – I’d just like to say a big thanks to them.

“I honestly do really wish they were back in the stadium (as) we want to see them all soon.”

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