Torres - The schedule this season is f****d up!

Ferran Torres held back no guns while having a go at football organizers!

Football has come back from its temporary halt this summer with the players playing non-stop football.

The schedule from  the Premier League, Champions League and international football has seen the players get tired and now need to be rested.

However, such has not been the case and the players are now getting tired and injured.

“That is something that is not in my power, but it is true that there are many games and very followed and it can harm us,” Torres explained.

“I am young, but there are people who can find it difficult to recover, even for me. It’s f***** up because it can lead to injuries.”

He added: “In the first games I took terrible blows.

“You have to be smart and try to go to the crash as little as possible because the central defenders are very strong. You have to be quick and throw those unchecks because that also hurts the centrals.”

“It blew me away when we played Sheffield United. They put up a defence of three very guerrilla centrals. There you realize what the Premier is like.”

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