UEFA to scrap FFP - Can City go shopping this summer

The Financial Fair Play was set in as a guideline in the earlier years of the last decade by UEFA.

The FFP broadly spoke about maintaining a fair balance in money invested by clubs to keep the game competitive. It did not prevent clubs from buying players but rather made their investments a by-product of their revenues – a system which, had it been implemented correctly, would have greatly helped football.

As it turned out, FFP became nothing short of a joke as most clubs found legal ways to bypass the flawed rules, which were more of guidelines to begin with anyway.

The biggest slap came to UEFA when Manchester City, as suggested by evidence from preliminary searches flouted the FFP and made a mockery of it by setting up revenue funds of their own choice and when caught by UEFA, simply walked out with heads held high as if no error had been committed.

Well, things are about to get much easier for City as FFP is about to be revamped (most probably eradicted completely). The Sheikhs will not even need to attempt to blatantly hide their financial misdirection to buy whoever they want and win the game, without its spirit.

Congratulations, to the white-collar corporate world.

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