Pep Guardiola optimistic to defend their Premier League title this season

Pep Guardiola contemplates shock retirement amid Manchester City’s struggling form

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola revealed an unexpected truth about his future in football.

Following a string of dismal performances, including a loss to Aston Villa, Guardiola has openly stated that he is considering retiring at the conclusion of the season.

Speaking to Amazon Prime Video Sport, City boss said: “If we win the treble this season, I’ll retire.

“That’s for sure. I know it is extremely difficult, how many incredible teams have been in England and just one with Sir Alex Ferguson has done it and ourselves last season.

“When we spoke, prepare well for the first game and how we try to do it and then the second and now the third. We will see our level and the competition itself dictates your level, the opponent dictates, the challenge is higher but in September, October, November, thinking about the title, forget about it.”

The seasoned tactician, who has orchestrated an era of wins at Etihad Stadium since 2016, is currently dealing with a difficult season.

City’s hopes were dashed at Villa Park, when Leon Bailey’s crucial strike sealed their fate. The Premier League superpower has gone four games without a win, putting them to fourth place, six points behind league leaders Arsenal.

The better team won,” the City boss stated after the defeat to Aston Villa.

“I said to the players: ‘In football, this happens. I know you wanted to win, I know you tried, because you have proved to me and everyone many, many times.’

“Now the results are not so good when they always were [previously]. I have to think about it. I have to sleep, to reflect, I have to see the games, how the players [did] with this one and try to do it.

“It was really difficult because they are really physical and able to control many aspects. That is the reason why they are up there, playing good football and we could not do it.

As Guardiola faces the challenges of a slow championship defense, football fans are left wondering if this is the end of a remaining managing career.

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