Cancelo - Guardiola has made me a better player

Joao Cancelo has credited Pep Guardiola for his development.

“He has had a huge influence on my role here at Manchester City,” Cancelo revealed in describing the impact of working under the boss.

“I was always used to play as a right back, but now I have learnt how to play in the midfield, with my back against the opponent’s goal.

“It’s a completely different role and I give all the credit to Pep Guardiola for thinking about that and helping me develop in a different position on the pitch, in the midfield, alongside Rodri and Fernandinho, for instance.

“I feel like a more complete player now, both technically and tactically

“I am privileged to work every day under the command of Pep Guardiola and he encouraged me a lot, so I feel like I’m a better player now.”

“When I was a kid, I used to play as a winger on both sides. When I arrived at Benfica, I started playing as a full-back,” Cancelo recalled.

“At Valencia, I played sometimes as a winger as well. So, my position has been changing over the years.

“My favourite position is right-back, but I have always liked to be versatile and do different things on the pitch.

“I think a player with my skills can play in more than one position and that also helps the team when necessary.

“When there are injuries in other positions, I can cover for my teammates, so I think that is beneficial for the team in the long term.

“I always try to give my best no matter what position I play and help the team to achieve its goals.”

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