Kyle Walker worried of Marcus Rashford this weekend

Newcastle United’s Anthony Gordon reveals Kyle Walker’s daunting presence on the pitch

Anthony Gordon, Newcastle United’s young winger, has given light on the difficult task of facing Manchester City’s Kyle Walker on the pitch.

Gordon, who has 111 Premier League games with Everton and Newcastle, lauded Walker’s pure speed, calling it “scary.”

When asked which opponent he dislikes competing against on a recent episode of The Overlap with Gary Neville, Gordon responded as follows.

He said: Kyle Walker. Every time I just know it’s constantly going to be a hard game.

“I wouldn’t say dread because I look forward to the competition and those games the most, that’s actually when I play my best, but another part of me thinks there’s a lot of running involved here.”

Having clashed with Walker on five separate occasions, Gordon found himself on the losing side each time. In a recent interview, he acknowledged the daunting task of going up against the City star, emphasizing the relentless effort required to outmaneuver him.

Gordon’s sentiments echo those of many players who have encountered Walker’s defensive prowess. Despite managing to score against City in January’s 3-2 defeat, Gordon recognizes the immense physical demand of confronting Walker head-on.

Walker’s speed and defensive acumen have cemented his reputation as a formidable opponent in the Premier League. For Gordon and others, facing off against him necessitates a strategic approach and an abundance of stamina to stand any chance of success.

As Gordon continues to navigate his way through the challenges of top-flight football, his acknowledgment of Walker’s dominance serves as a testament to the City defender’s enduring impact on the game.

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