Jim Ratcliffe wants to knock Man City within three years

Jim Ratcliffe completed his purchase of Manchester United.

INEOS owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe has acquired a 27.7% percent stake at Manchester United as it was announced officially on Tuesday night.

He initially agreed to buy a 25% stake in Manchester United and infuse a $300million investment in the club’s infrastructure.

But he is set to invest an initial $200m in the infrastructure which has raised his shareholding to 27.7%.

The English billionaire has been a lifelong Man United supporter and determined to knock both Liverpool and Manchester United off their perch in the next three seasons.

Ratcliffe went on further explaining that it will take three years to get the club where he and the fans want to be.

“We have a lot to learn from our noisy neighbour and the other neighbour (Liverpool). They are the enemy at the end of the day,” Ratcliffe said.

“There is nothing I would like better than to knock both of them off their perch. Equally, we are the three great northern clubs who are very close to one another.

“They have been in a good place for a while and there are things we can learn from both of them.

“I am very respectful of them but they are still the enemy.”


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