Man City players won't travel for international duty

Pep Guardiola has made it clear he does not support players leaving for International Games.

Guardiola said: “We wait this game, maybe next week we’ll talk about it. It’s no sense when players to go to international teams and come back and for ten days cannot play. It makes no sense.

“We’re working incredibly hard during seven, eight, nine months, the break comes at a real important part of the season and important players, six, seven, eight, nine players then cannot train. It doesn’t make sense and they are not going to fly, that’s for sure.

“If they can fly, if they can come back and train with us they will fly. We spend a lot of hours, time, effort, money. The club invests in that for an important part of the season. If six, seven, eight players cannot play with us, it makes no sense. Honestly, no sense.”

“We want to let them go to the national teams. I know how important it is, I will never say don’t do to play for your country to prepare for European Cup or American Cup or whatever,” he said.

“But it’s no sense, going and after no training for ten days, then ten more days or one week when we play for the league, and just incase we go through in the Champions League and we are without the players. They are not going to fly, for sure.

“If UEFA or FIFA make something special, we will follow protocols in a month. No restaurants, people at home, here, home, here, home. In the bubble, tests every two days, after the league, we won’t know what will happen with the red zones.

“If they are 20 days without competitions when we play every three days they will not travel. I am sure all the biggest statements in UEFA and FIFA they will understand this argument.”

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