Manchester City have their eyes set on Ajax midfielder Gravenberch

Manchester City has shown an interest in 18-year-old academy midfielder Gabriel Misehouy, who is now playing for Dutch football superpower Ajax, in a move that shows their dedication to nurturing young talent.

Misehouy, a product of Ajax’s renowned youth academy, has yet to make his professional debut for the club but is renowned for his potential and abilities on the field. Meanwhile, his future at Ajax remains uncertain, as his current contract is expected to expire at the conclusion of the season, and negotiations for a new contract have stalled.

Despite Ajax’s best attempts at securing the young talent’s services, an advantage in contract negotiations has yet to be established, which has generated Manchester City’s attention. The City has made it obvious to Ajax that they want to entice Misehouy away from the Dutch giants.

Misehouy’s situation develops increasingly dangerous as the deadlock continues, as he will be eligible to enter into pre-contract negotiations with possible suitors beginning in January.

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