Pep Guardiola angry with Rodri after red card

Guardiola declares Rodri as the Premier Midfielder in the World

Pep Guardiola showered high praise on Rodri, hailing him as the epitome of midfield excellence. The Manchester City manager passionately declared Rodri as not only the premier holding midfielder but unequivocally the best midfielder globally.

Guardiola’s assertion stems from Rodri’s multifaceted prowess on the pitch, extending beyond his conventional role.

‘I would say if the holding midfielder doesn’t get the same appreciation as the strikers or the number 10 then that is good. When a holding midfielder has a lot of appreciation, it is not good,’ said Guardiola.

‘The holding midfielder has to play positive, for him and for the team, and make the team play. This is the role for the holding midfielders. All the highlights have to be for the guys up front who score goals and make assists and so on.

‘But Rodri always has the ability in important moments to score goals so he’s an unbelievable player. He’s the best midfield player in the world currently by far because he is able to do everything.

‘What a signing. It’s difficult to understand how we could have done what we have done in recent years without him.’

Since his arrival from Atletico Madrid in 2019, the 27-year-old has been a linchpin for City, amassing an impressive 237 appearances.

Despite not always seizing the spotlight like some of his teammates, Rodri’s indispensability is underscored by City’s impeccable record – they haven’t tasted defeat in over a year with Rodri in the lineup.

What distinguishes Rodri isn’t merely his defensive prowess but his all-encompassing impact. Guardiola lauds his ability to seamlessly orchestrate play, break up opposition attacks, and contribute offensively.

This season, Rodri is poised to surpass his previous goal-scoring feats, with six goals already to his name, including a crucial late equalizer against Chelsea.

Guardiola’s effusive praise reinforces Rodri’s status as a transformative force in midfield, transcending conventional labels to embody excellence in its purest form.

As City continues to assert their dominance, Rodri stands tall as a beacon of brilliance in the heart of their midfield.

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