Pep talks retirement and City games in hand

Pep Guardiola has hinted that he might retire later than initially planned.

“Before, I thought I was going to retire soon. Now I’m thinking I’m going to retire older. So, I don’t know,” Guardiola said. “Experience helps you, especially the way I live my profession,” he added.

Pep Guardiola moved on to talk about the current Premier League campaign.

City are at the moment behind the likes of Liverpool, Spurs, United and many other teams. However, Pep’s team do have a game in hand – something which Guardiola refuses to bank on given the unpredictable nature of the Premier League.

“If you think about what [can] happen in January, February – the two games [in hand], we can lose these two games and anything can happen,” he said.

“So, in the Premier League, every game is so tough and it is better to be calm. The real Premier League, the people I spoke to before I landed here, said everyone can lose to everyone. I didn’t see this until now.

“Now is the first time when I see in the Premier League, one team is able to lose or win seven, and after draw, and after lose. The results are unpredictable.”

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