Carlo Ancelotti explains how Liverpool were easier to beat than Man City

Liverpool were a easier opposition than PSG or Manchester City.

The Los Blancos secured their 14th European trophy by beating Liverpool 1-0 in the finals on Saturday night.

They made a historic comeback to beat Man City in the semi-finals having already beaten PSG and Chelsea in the previous stages.

Carlo Ancelotti went on explaining the tactical difference between both Liverpool and Manchester City.

“Looking back, people said ‘oh PSG were unlucky, Chelsea were unlucky, Manchester City were unlucky’,” he explained.

“This was practically the only game where people thought we were more or less on the same level. I think it helped that Liverpool were easier to decipher than the others because they have a very clear identity and we could prepare the way that we did.

“We knew what strategy to take, don’t give them space behind the defence to run into. Perhaps our football wasn’t extraordinarily beautiful tonight on an aesthetic level, but playing out from the back to incentivise their pressing wasn’t a great idea.

“We had a few more long balls, then when their press in our half of the pitch lessened, we got to control the ball more especially in the second half.”


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