City moves a marker for another dominant campaign

City moves a marker for another dominant campaign

Not so many clubs in Europe have enjoyed the success that Manchester City have in the past few years. The treble winners in the 2022/23 season have in recent years built up a blend of astute management, a talented squad of players and a strong tactical approach in their matches. Of course, the money from the Middle East has fueled much of this, making City a force to be reckoned with. As if the current domination and clear edge isn’t enough, Manchester City are making moves to keep on reinventing the team. With the targeted players in the summer, there is all the indication Manchester City will keep on ruling English and European football.

Good position

City did finish 2022/23 strongly, their final two games of the season coming with silverware and they are in a good position to start in the same fashion. They face Arsenal in their first game of the coming season in the Community Shield. Before that they have three preseason matches and you can back them to dominate there too. That is a good chance to put a stake and you can also profit from the best football betting odds for all today’s matches for which previews are lined up on SportyTrader. Manchester City are already being linked with key defensive minded players, in a bid to beef up one of the departments that seemed weak. They are already moving for Matteo Kovacic, the Croat said to be out of favor at an equally restructuring Chelsea. At the same time, City have entered the race to sign England midfielder Declan Rice, who for a while seemed to be headed to Arsenal. A Manchester City bid will definitely throw Arsenal off-balance, while the same player is also wanted by Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Chelsea. City are already said to be keen on offloading some of their best performers including Riyad Mahrez, Ilkay Gundogan and Joao Cancelo.

Most fundamental

The most fundamental part of City’s dominance will however remain to be their leadership. If City can maintain the stability at the top, then it will take a lot to stop them. It took a while for the effect of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed to be felt, but that has proven to be the turning point for the club. The significant, and endless financial investment, coupled with Pep Guardiola’s profile have worked well for the club. Tactical versatility and squad depth – backed by the financial freedom, have also been crucial for City. The grueling demands that come with domestic and continental football didn’t seem to affect City at all, and the planning going into the new season will still extend the dominance aspect for City. Perhaps the one area City will need to put in more effort is in their youth system. They have a success story in Phil Foden but the continued investment in accomplished players for instant success may not serve the ambitions in the investment in their academy. The long and short of it though is that the City domination doesn’t seem to end soon.

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