Top five highest-paid Manchester City players

Top five highest-paid Manchester City players 2020

Top five highest-paid Manchester City players 2020? Want to find out who the five highest-paid players at Manchester City are? Which Manchester City players are the highest-paid players at Manchester City?

Manchester City are one of the highest paying teams in the Premier League and in the world. Their wages are astronomical but not all of the players are paid the same. Some are paid better than others. Here we look at the highest-paid and thus most valued players by Man City.

Also known as The Cityzens, Manchester City have spent most of their last 15 years in top competitions. The club won their first major competition in 1936 when they won the League Competition.

From the last 15 years, Manchester City have been in superb form, winning 18 major competitions since 2006. The Cityzens are yet to add a Champions League trophy to their collection.

Players like Kevin de Bruyne, Raheem Sterling and Sergio Aguero are all on high wages but who are the top five highest-paid Manchester City players? Well, we have the answer.

Manchester City new arrivals and player salaries 2020/21 – Highest-paid Manchester City playersTop Five highest-paid Manchester City players

Here is a full list of new arrivals at Manchester City for the 2020/21 season.

  • Ruben Dias – £61.20m
  • Nathan Ake – £40.77m
  • Ferran Torres – £20.70m
  • Pablo Moreno – £9.00m
  • Filip Stevanovic – £7.65m
  • Nahuel Bustos – £5.85m
  • Yan Coute – £5.40m

Top five highest-paid Manchester City players 2020

  1. Kevin de Bruyne: £350,000 – Highest-paid Manchester City players

Kevin De Bruyne is the highest-paid Manchester City player with a weekly wage of £350,000 per-week who also captains the Belgian national team.

Over the years he has become one of the most gifted playmakers of the game and is currently being touted as the best midfielder in the world.

He recently won the UEFA Champions League Midfielder of the Season and PFA Players’ Player of the Year.

However, Manchester City seem to know his value and have tied him down to a lengthy expensive contract making him the most expensive player in terms of wages at the Etihad. Few can argue with his contribution to the team and the logic behind the numbers.

2. Raheem Sterling – £300,000 – Highest-paid Manchester City players

He was brought in at 2015 from Premier League rivals Liverpool. Sterling’s fine form in this season by scoring five goals and laying on four assists in 11 games in all competitions. The 25-year old made 51 appearances for City in the 2019/20 season and scored 30 goals in all competitions. 20 of those came in the Premier League.

3. Sergio Aguero: £230,000 – Highest-paid Manchester City players

Sergio Aguero: £230,000 - Highest-paid Manchester City player

Perhaps the one contract the Cityzens want to desperately sort out as soon as possible. The best forward that has ever braced the Etihad has his deal expired by the end of this season, he pushes the average over-aged Manchester City attack.

He is perhaps one of the finest poachers in the Premier League but what sets him apart is his ability to play make while possessing threat enough to go on all the way himself. It is quite a doubt though whether he will stay with the Cityzens since Guardiola is keen on signing a new striker in the January window.

4. Bernardo Silva: £150,000 – Highest-paid Manchester City players

He is touted to replace the legendary David Silva in the attacking position. Bernardo Silva was signed back in 2017 and he quickly became an integral squad member often deploying as a winger on either flank, as a central midfielder, or even as a second striker due to his capability of playing in multiple positions.

5. Fernandinho: £150,000 – Highest-paid Manchester City players

The Brazilian has been the jack-of-all-trades for Pep Guardiola who can make tackles, and who is capable of regaining the ball. He is well known for his pace and ability to shoot from long distances.

“Of course, he is a joyful player,” Guardiola added when asked if he wanted the Brazilian to stay.

“What he has done for all of us, especially me as a manager, our time together has paid off, it’s incredible. He’s incredible, so no doubts.”Top Five highest-paid Manchester City players

Kevin de Bruyne is the highest-paid player at Manchester City with a £350,000 a week salary.

Note: The data about contracts is up to date and confirmed with Manchester City official player databases but the weekly wage figures can not be 100% accurate because no clubs disclose this information to media or fans. But we dug up every players details from very trusted sites like guardian, BBC etc

Manchester City Players Salaries 2020/21 – Highest-paid Manchester City players

Kevin De Bruyne M 28 £18,200,000 £350,000
Raheem Sterling M 25 £15,600,000 £300,000
Sergio Aguero F 31 £11,967,000 £230,135
Ferran Torres M 20 £4,400,000 £80,000
Fernandinho Luis Roza M 34 £7,800,000 £150,000
Bernardo Silva M 25 £7,800,000 £150,000
Ilkay Gundogan M 29 £7,280,000 £140,000
Rodrigo Hernández Cascante M 23 £6,300,000 £121,154
Aymeric Laporte D 25 £6,240,000 £120,000
Riyad Mahrez F 29 £6,240,000 £120,000
Nicolas Otamendi D 32 £6,240,000 £120,000
Kyle Walker D 29 £5,720,000 £110,000
John Stones D 25 £5,200,000 £100,000
Gabriel Jesus F 22 £4,680,000 £90,000
Benjamin Mendy D 25 £4,680,000 £90,000
Nathan Ake D 25 £4,680,000 £90,000
Joao Cancelo D 25 £4,160,000 £80,000
Ederson Moraes GK 26 £3,380,000 £65,000
Marlos Moreno F 23 £2,340,000 £45,000
Oleksandr Zinchenko M 23 £1,040,000 £20,000
Phil Foden M 0 £624,000 £12,000
Scott Carson GK 33
Jose Angel Tasende D 22

The information about the Manchester City player salaries, weekly wages and contracts is accurate and based upon facts collected from Manchester City Players Salary per weekBBC, Guardian, and other sources.

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