Man City’s Director of Football hints on signing another prolific goalscorer this summer

Man City’s Director of Football had a talk with the media for the first time since his appointment.

Manchester City’s Director of Football Nils Nielsen has hinted about the signing of another prolific goalscorer this summer.

Nielsen was appointed the club’s Director of Football last week and he will push for new signings.

Nielsen had a talk with the media for the first time since his appointment.

“There are several (areas to develop) but everything doesn’t have to happen this summer,” Nielsen said.

“We are looking at where we need to get stronger and what we need to develop in the squad over the coming year.

“The first task has to be re-signing players and we have done a lot of work on that. We also have a couple of players that we are looking at and are interested in but we will see what specific areas need addressing.

“I think most top teams would like to have a goalscorer, somebody that consistently puts the ball in the net and we would like that too but lets see which one we are going to get, we will have to wait and see.

“There are also other areas in the team over the next year or year-and-a-half that need to be looked at.”

Manchester City have a relatively young squad and while that bodes well for the future, Nielsen believes that more experience is needed in the team in the short-term.

He said “We need to always be competitive, every season. Right now, we are a little bit behind the best teams, just a few points but we need to catch up on that. That means that we have got to act short-term.

“There are some elements that we need to address right away and there are some that we can take a bit more time to solve. We have some very talented younger players but almost all of the older generation that were in the club have changed. If you don’t have as much experience in the squad, you need some time to develop it.

“That’s where we are right now, we have a lot of potential but we need a bit more consistency.”

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