Bernardo Silva desperate for a move to Barcelona

Bernardo Silva urging Joao Neves to choose City over United

Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva has put down the challenge in the competition for Benfica’s young star, Joao Neves. The Portuguese playmaker has made clear his ambition to impede Manchester United’s attempt to sign Neves, saying his plan is to convince the brilliant midfielder to select the blue side of Manchester.

Silva, a former Benfica player, spoke honestly to Mais Futebol in Portugal, conveying his intention for convincing Neves to reject Manchester United’s offers in favour of a move to the Etihad Stadium.

“Am I going to put a wedge in so he doesn’t go to United and divert him to City? If I can, I’ll put a wedge in, of course I will,” said Bernardo.

This revelation follows United’s considerable interest in the Benfica midfielder, with manager Erik ten Hag presumably keeping a close eye on Neves throughout the season.

The battle for Neves’ signing is shaping up to be an off-the-field Manchester derby, with both City and United competing for the services of the highly-rated Benfica midfielder.

Silva’s words add fuel to the fire, creating a compelling narrative after United’s Bruno Fernandes openly stated his wish to see Neves join him at Old Trafford just days ago.

The scene is set for a dramatic showdown as both clubs compete to sign the young midfielder for the upcoming season.

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