Pep Guardiola blasted for stealing CL from Man City fans

Man City missed out on Champions League trophy on the final day.

Pep Guardiola has been accused of stealing Champions league trophy from Man City fans who decided to leave out a holding midfielder in the squad.

He decided not to play both Rodri and Fernandinho and there was a clear lack of connection between the defence and midfield.

Lothar Matthaus believes Guardiola is to blame for his team selection as he should have avoided an attacking line-up.

Matthaus wrote: “With his line-up he stole the Champions League from the club and the fans and he has to rightly listen to the harsh criticism from all sides.

“I am sure that there will be internal discussions about whether to part with him. The players will doubt him since that final.

“He had to try something again, present an imaginary ingenuity at the worst possible moment and totally deserved to lose.

“How can you play without a defensive midfielder in the most important game in club history, who was on the pitch in almost every game of the season, who ensures the balance, who gives everyone involved the necessary security?

“Why did he leave Rodri and/or Fernandinho out, start six attacking players and also play without a centre-forward?”


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