Manchester City Players Leaving This Summer 2021

Manchester City players leaving this summer 2021? Which players are leaving Manchester City this season?

We have many Manchester City transfer targets this summer and several Manchester City players coming back from loan this summer. We also have several players to be sold by Manchester City this summer. But here we look at the top 5 Manchester City players leaving this summer 2021.

Manchester City players on loan are part of the footballers’ training so we should expect more players to come back. At the same time, we should expect Manchester City Players Leaving and several Manchester City players will go out on loan this summer 2021.

So here, we will look at the top 5 Manchester City players leaving this summer 2021.

Top 5 Manchester City Players Leaving This Summer 2021

Manchester City players leaving the club 2021? Which Manchester City player will leave this summer 2021? Here is the list of Manchester City players that will leave Manchester City team summer 2021:

Aymeric Laporte – Manchester City Players Leaving

Laporte was key to the City defence since he was signed back in the season of 2018-19. He helped City win the league and established the defence and was the crucial cog. However, since Dias arrived, Laporte became second fiddle and his drop continued as he went on to become third choice with Stones replacing him whose graph rose increasingly fast.

Stones fell bit behind Guardiola’s radar. He has only appeared for four matches this new 2020-21 season up until December, and in the last season, due to injuries, he appeared only once for City.

Joining City in 2016, and has gone through seasons of several injuries and weakened form – due to which his confidence has come down.

A couple of years back, Pep Guardiola had said that only when Guardiola would leave, Stones would leave. When asked if that still held true, Guardiola replied in July 2021: On the transfer market [and its issues] we speak at the end of the season,” he said. “[But] I’ve said many times I’m more than delighted with John as a person, as a pro, everything. What I want is the best for him. We’ll speak at the end of the season about what is going to happen.

However, in the City vs Olympiacos Champions League clash on 25th November 2021, John Stones was picked to start instead of Aymeric Laporte. So, maybe the situation changed then?

He has now become crucial to City and might be kept with Laporte moving on who has been frozen out of the tam.

City are going through their best patch of football for a long time and Dias and Stones have been key to that success.

Sergio Aguero – Manchester City Players Leaving

This one is definitely at the top of the list. With the star striker turning 33 next June, Sergio Aguero has publicly stated that he would like to make a move away from Manchester City next season and move back to Argentina. Aguero has made his desire known to possibly move back to his childhood club Independiente. This would mean that Man City would be losing its top star striker, and City will definitely look to replace him with a new striker. We feel the top options for his replacement will be Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund or Lautaro Martinez from Inter Milan.

Further, Manchester City’s chairman, Khaldoon al-Mubarak has stated that the club won’t have any issues if Sergio Aguero was to indeed leave next season.

“We will work it out together and it will be very natural, wherever that is, this year or the year after. It will play out in a comfortable way whatever Sergio decides. We have been very lucky, and it’s a testament to the type of players we have had over the years, to have players like David Silva, Vincent Kompany, Pablo Zabaleta, like Sergio Agüero, that have stuck with the team many years,” said Mubarak.

“They are part of the DNA of the club now and the decision of them to continue or stop, it’s the comfort zone that they have to decide. It was the same way with Vincent. He left when he felt it was right for him to leave and the same thing with David. Sergio is going to be the same,” he added.

With the January window approaching, City might choose to cash in on him rather than let him go for free in the summer.

Benjamin Mendy – Manchester City Players Leaving

Benjamin Mendy is yet another player Manchester City might be interested in getting rid of. His form had been poor for the entirety of the last 2019-20 season, and hasn’t seen much improvement in the 2021-21 campaign. Mendy makes mistakes on the field which can cost City a lot, and he doesn’t have the most top-notch decision-making skills. Pep Guardiola might choose to discard him next season if his form doesn’t improve, but the Man City manager still does have hope for the left back and is giving him fresh chances.

With the January window approaching, things can soon change if City can offload him.

Fernandinho – Manchester City Players Leaving

Fernandinho plays as a midfielder and central defender for Manchester City and his contract expires in June 2021. He’s 35 years old right, which is rather old for a footballer. City might not be willing to extend his contract beyond summer 2021, so Fernandinho will be free to move to any club of his choice on a free transfer.

With the January window approaching, City will know this is their last chance to cash in on him.

Kyle Walker – Manchester City Players Leaving

He was magnificent for City in the last few seasons. However, with this season coming on, he has not only lost his place but also looking increasingly weary.

His replacement is better than him – Joao Cancelo which has made it tougher for him to come back.

Maybe the best days are past him and Pep might want to invest in new players, and Walker might be asked to make way.

Do you agree with our Top 5 Manchester City Players Leaving – 2021 list?

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