Sergio Aguero advised to join Arsenal in the summer

Aguero advised by a former teammate to stay in the Premier League after leaving Man City.

City’s all-time leading goalscorer Sergio Aguero will leave Etihad in the summer and speculations on his next move is been doing the rounds.

The 32-year old striker potentially has intriguing options to consider in England.

Former City teammate Gael Clichy believes Arsenal would be a good fit for his former teammate but still expects the Argentine to head for Spain in the summer.

“I could see him staying in the Premier League, because he will want to climb to third or second [in the all-time top goalscorers charts],” Clichy told Stadium Astro.

“He can get there, for sure. Does he want that? Ten years with Manchester City is enough, I think he will move where he can enjoy it a bit more.

“Can he see himself at another English club? That’s the question. He loves the sun.

“I would like to see him stay [in England] to get to second or third in goals, but I think he will move away from the Premier League.

“I think Arsenal is a good fit, in terms of style of play. They play nice football and they create opportunities, but I really doubt he would go there.

“I’m pretty sure he will go to Spain.”


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