Thierry Henry settles the Haaland vs Mbappe debate

Thierry Henry backs Mbappe as the better player between the two.

Summer signing Erling Haaland has already registered 12 goals in his last eight games this season and is a favourite to win the Golden Boot this year.

He has started every game for Manchester City so far this season.

Mbappe on the other hand scored a brace in PSG’s last Champions League clash against Juventus.

There has been a lot of debate among pundits and fans over who the better player is.

But Thierry Henry believes Mbappe is an overall better player than Erling Haaland.

He told CBS: “Mbappe can create and finish. Haaland doesn’t create. He finishes.

“Mbappe can play on the right and on the left. He can play in the middle. Haaland can only play in the middle.

“He is a magnificent player and with him they can win the Champions League last year. Against Real Madrid, if it was him at the end of those chances that they missed, they will have been focused on scoring one or two. For now, Mbappe is still my vote.”


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