Top 10 Manchester City players that never made it

Top 10 Manchester City players that never made it

Here we will look at the Top 10 Manchester City players that never made it. Which players will you remember? Some players have been absolute gems at Manchester City and have on to have very successful careers at Manchester City or elsewhere. While others just never quite made it at Manchester City.

Manchester City is a club based in Manchester, England with a rich club history that goes back 126 years.

Since the Abu Dhabi United Group took over and bought the club, the club has become even a stronger force in European football, his investments have been well worth it.

The club has had a lot of players over the years, and some have gone on to become club legends while others have failed to make an impact at the club.
Manchester City players that never made it

Top 10 Manchester City players that never made it

So which players do you think should be in this list? Which players never made it at Manchester City? Who were the Manchester City players that never made it?

10. David Pizzaro never made it

Kicking off the list of the Top 10 Manchester City players that never made it is David Pizzaro. The striker moved to Manchester City on loan from Italian side Roma but he only managed to play seven times during City’s first-ever Premier League winning season under Roberto Mancini.

The retired Chilean midfielder played for Club Universidad de Chile during the final years of his career.

9. Maicon – Manchester City players that never made it

Maicon was meant to be a marquee signing for the Cityzens but that never worked out. The Brazilian joined Manchester City in 2012 for a fee of £3 million but struggled a lot to break into the first team.

In his first and only season with the club, he made 13 appearances as he struggled with injuries throughout the season. He then returned to Serie A after Manchester City allowed him to move on a free transfer to Roma.

8. Jerome Boateng never made it

Jerome Boateng

Manchester City paid £10.4 million for the German international where he usually played in the right-back and centre-back position. The World Cup winner never played in his favoured position as a central defender at Man City but he was used as a fullback instead.

He then expressed his desire to leave Etihad for Bayern Munich in 2011 where he would eight Bundesliga titles and two UEFA Champions League trophies.

Boateng said in an interview back in 2011: ‘It is true that I have agreed with Bayern on a four-year deal. Now it is up to Manchester to make it work.

‘My dream is to have a starting spot within a year, hopefully at Bayern, and then I want to win the European championship (with Germany).’


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