Pep Guardiola urged to sign Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo deemed as a temporary replacement for Man City’s Sergio Aguero.

Man City’s all-time leading goalscorer Sergio Aguero has been restricted to only three games this season due to his numerous injury troubles.

Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus is not yet good enough to lead the line and Pep’s striker troubles might force him to shop for a forward in the January transfer window.

Former Chelsea midfielder Andy Townsend believes City would not make a mistake if they sign Cristiano Ronaldo next summer who’s current deal with Juventus expires in June 2022.

Andy Townsend told Drive on talkSPORT: “If you want goals then I think he’s still the ultimate goal machine.

“I know Messi and there has been so much mileage on the debate over the years but I still think Ronaldo still has the desire and want to be remembered as the greatest. He will in some people’s eyes but he won’t in others.

“He’s still got a desire to score goals. More than anything on the field now, he just wants to score goals.

“He’s at that period where his eyes light up every time there’s a free-kick at whatever angle. Whenever he gets the chance to shoot he will. Even when others are better placed, forget that.

“He’s unbelievable in the air, which we’ve seen in a Juventus shirt already.

“If he became available and Juve wanted out on him and Man City needed goals for their team then I don’t think you should hesitate in going to get Cristiano Ronaldo.

“He’s 35 and I still think he’s got 18 months in him. If he came to Man City and the way they play I think he could go there and get 25 in his first season.”


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