PSG planning to sign Bernardo Silva from Manchester City this summer

According to reports, Bernardo Silva of Manchester City will be pursued by Paris Saint-Germain this summer

The City midfielder has been at the centre of several protracted trade sagas in recent years, most recently involving FC Barcelona, who could still renew their interest in the player if financial circumstances allow. After growing disenchanted with the lifestyle on offer in the north-west of England, Bernardo Silva has been looking to leave Manchester City for the past two seasons in particular. He is aiming for a transfer closer to his native Portugal and to sunnier shores.

This week, a new name from a City that Bernardo Silva is reportedly a fan of surfaced for Bernardo Silva and his representatives. Barcelona is still weighing their options ahead of the summer transfer season. Lus Campos, Paris Saint-sporting Germain’s adviser, is reportedly looking ahead to the summer transfer window now that the club is expected to have a busy market after losing to Bayern Munich in the Champions League semifinals.

Get French Football News has translated and relayed that Campos, who tried to acquire Bernardo Silva from Manchester City last year, plans to make another move for the Portuguese international. The former AS Monaco player, who has stated a desire to depart the Etihad Stadium in each of the last two transfer windows, will reportedly be available this summer and may be headed back to Ligue 1.

Given the uncertainty regarding Bernardo Silva’s future, Manchester City is still interested in the midfield when it comes to potential hiring this summer. The Premier League Champions are believed to be lining up a number of other names in case they need to acquire two midfielders or someone to replace the aforementioned Englishman, who is believed to be Jude Bellingham of Borussia Dortmund.

Real Madrid and Liverpool are the two other teams most interested in the former Birmingham City player, so it should come as no surprise that City will face fierce rivalry for his signature. Bernardo Silva’s future wishes as well as those of club captain Ilkay Gundogan, whose contract expires at the conclusion of the current season, will continue to be explored by City for the time being.

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