Sterling - Goal dry phase will pass

Raheem Sterling has talked about the tough goal dry period at Manchester City.

“The end goal is to get through this period,” he said on BBC Radio Five Live, cited by BBC Sport.

“We need to keep fighting, we’ll get there in the end. We haven’t been up to our usual standards and that’s another reason we haven’t scored enough goals.

“I’m confident in the next couple of games we’ll start firing back and I can get those numbers back up too. Sometimes you win games 1-0 and it feels like you’ve lost, that’s how unusual it is for us to win 1-0.

“We’re a team every year who are thinking we should be competing for the league and be up there, but at the end of the day we’ve had circumstances that have been difficult like everyone else.

“We’re not out of it and we’re still in touching distance. We know how vital this period is.

“Things can take a turn for it and that’s what we’re banking on. There’s not been a point in the season where I thought we’re finished. I’ve got belief that we’re going to come good.”

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