Kyle Walker expected to miss CL tie against Sevilla

Previous incident sparks heated altercation involving Walker and Arsenal coach

Kyle Walker of Manchester City has spoken out about the touchline incident that occurred during the recent Premier League match against Arsenal. The incident occurred just after Arsenal secured a 1-0 victory with a deflected attempt from Gabriel Martinelli, securing three crucial points before the international break. However, the euphoric atmosphere had been marred by a furious argument between Walker, his teammate Erling Haaland, and Arsenal coach Nicolas Jover.

During a post-match press conference, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta stated that he had not witnessed the scuffle, while Pep Guardiola of Manchester City remained tight-lipped, acknowledging that he was aware of the incident but declining to go into specifics.

It was later discovered that no FA investigation will take place, owing partly to Bukayo Saka’s quick reaction as a peacemaker. Kyle Walker, who was on international duty with England at the time, has now thrown light on the core cause of the brawl. The defender claimed that the scuffle was the consequence of a previous altercation involving Jover, providing insights on the heated environment on the sidelines during the highly contested encounter.

‌Walker stated: “I don’t like losing. A couple of matches before, Nico, who worked for Man City, he did not want to shake hands when we beat them before. When we lost, he wanted to shake my hand and I did not take it lightly. Simple as that.

‌”I haven’t been in touch but I have been concentrating on England but I will probably reach out to him, definitely. I will say, it was probably a bit too much.

“It shows the standards I have achieved and what I have learnt over the years, it is a big match there and losing in the way we did and so late on hurts. But if it did not hurt I am probably at the wrong club as we are title contenders.”

Walker’s revelation offers a glimpse into the emotions and tensions that can run high in the high-stakes world of Premier League football.

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